Friday, June 10, 2011

Feathers in Your Hair

At the age of twelve I received a Christmas gift of two feathery hair doo-dads. "Thank you," I said to the gift-givers, friends of my parents. "What a lame present," I thought to myself. I didn't wear them much, but they hung around in my possessions for nearly ten years before I fully realized their potential. I made a slight alteration, replacing the hair tie with a barrette so that I could clip it in my hair the way I wanted to, and started to wear it often. After dozens of complements, a number from subway strangers, I thought, "Maybe there's a market for this?" So I'm giving it a shot!

They're really simple to make!

What You Need

Leather or suede lace

Your beads must have holes appropriately sized to fit snugly over two strands of your laces.

Thread the lace onto your barrette and fasten in place by sliding a bead up both strands of lace. Fasten your feathers to the lace by sliding a bead onto one strand of lace and fitting your feathers' stems into the eye of the bead until snug.

I've made all of my one-of-a-kind feather hair clips with authentic West African recycled-glass beads that I've had laying around since my 2006 trip to Ghana, and I'm selling them on my brand spankin' new Etsy Shop. Check them out, or contact me if you are interested in purchasing one!


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