Monday, September 5, 2011


In the great state of Massachusetts, in the quiet, rural town of Rowe, for a brief blip in time there emerged a tiny village. And they called this most unusual village Roweopolis.

Unfortunately, due to the current economic climate, all Roweopolis properties have been foreclosed upon and the people of Roweopolis have since moved on. All that remains are a handful of disjointed relics and the barren and ghostly tract of table that once housed this bustling municipality.

While working on program staff this summer at Rowe Senior High Camp, an unusual summer camp for teenagers, I assembled a small but elite crew of skilled and dedicated architects to help me realize my dream of building a tiny town.

From left: Veronica, Zora, and Julia



Recycled cardboard
Hot glue
X-acto knives
Paint (tempera or acrylic)
Found objects

Welcome to Roweopolis, Est. 2011.

Main Plaza, from left: Greenhouse by Amelia; Telephone Booth and Town Library by Zora; Town Hall by Melody; bench, road sign and water well by Robyn; General Store by Anna.

Roweopolis graveyard by Julia

Mansion and Hotel by Julia

Roweopolis Hospital and Art Gallery by Veronica

 My campers were so mind-blowingly dedicated to this project, and the result was positively exquisite. A great big thank you to everyone who participated!



  1. This is wonderful! Thank you for preserving it in pictures—looking at it on a Tuesday morning from Indiana might not be the next best thing to being there, but it's a tiny taste of the delicious feast that is Rowe.