Friday, December 2, 2011

Dinah at Rest

The second in my series of intimate moments in oil, a portrait of my calico.

Dinah is sometimes the sweetest, snuggliest kitty you ever met. And sometimes she is an insufferable, manipulative hellcat. She is the queen of her castle. She gets what she wants, and she doesn't mind breaking a few household items on the way. I painted her at her sweetest, while catnapping. But in a nod to Egon Schiele, one of my favorite artists, I exaggerated many of the curves and angles of her body to give an air of agitation. I also filled the canvas, brimming with busy patterns because, first of all, I quite enjoy painting patterns, but I also think it gives the otherwise quiet scene a vibrating energy.

I keep intending to keep photographic documentation of my process, and then getting entirely wrapped up in painting and forgetting to take pictures. So I only have two stages to show you.

This is after about five hours of work.

 And the final product:



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  1. I love them both! Too bad they aren't 2 painting.