Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Meow: Portraits for the Lonely

I was spontaneously inspired this morning to bring an old idea to fruition.

Joey, a former roommate of mine, founded a family wall in our kitchen: above the kitchen table we hang framed portraits of current and former roommates and their families.

Joey and I are both proud cat owners. Mine, a simple-minded tabby named Cecil and a self-righteous calico princess named Dinah, plus Joey's all-gray intellectual, Ghosthunter and black-and-white kindhearted spaz, Ghoul, made four. Four people. Four cats. One bathroom! (laugh track) 

Sometime last year, before Joey, Ghoul, and Ghosthunter packed their bags and moved to Portland, it occurred to me that our feline family deserved some wall space. I thought I'd do portraits of them all, but never quite got around to it.

Today I was inspired to make those cat portraits a reality (however retrospectively, in the case of Ghoul and Ghosthunter). Thanks to Facebook, I was able to get my hands on photos of the missing misters in absentia. 

For each portrait I referred to a photographic reference, taking some of my own whimsical liberties in order to accentuate each personality.

I colored them in with Prismacolor colored pencils and Faber-Castell brush-tip markers.


Melody and Friends     


  1. Love the pictures :-)
    But I don't see them on the wall???

  2. Great portraits! And I don't even like cats!

  3. These are incredible!! I need something like this for my two pups. I love how the cat's personalities show through in the sketches. :)