Monday, April 2, 2012

Obsession: Moss

If you thought I was going to make one little terrarium and stop there, you're kidding yourself.

I mean, there I was, me and all my glass bottles and my new-found friend, preserved reindeer moss (a.k.a. the coolest shit ever). Seriously, it makes everything magical. Like candlesticks. Magical enchanted forest candlesticks.

Preserved reindeer moss

Enchanted forest candlestick

What You'll Need:

Taper candles
Clear glass bottles
Stuff to put inside them, for example:

Reserved reindeer moss, of course
Dried beans
Dried flowers

Okay, so, this isn't brain surgery. Put cool stuff in a bottle, then put a candle in it and you have a totally rad candlestick.

My candlesticks!

Root mass inside my flip-top candlestick

Dried beans, soil, and moss in a salad dressing shaker

Moss holds the candle in place

But why stop there? What about votives in jars?

Move aside, Tinkerbell. There's a new fairy in town.

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