Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Bless this House: Color Palette

I have a color obsession that I just can't seem to break from.

I tore this image out of a fashion magazine and pasted it into my inspiration book back in 2006, while still living in the college dorms at Pratt. There was something so irresistible about it, I kept coming back to it.

Those paint chips are from my first apartment. Without consciously connecting my color choices to this image, I chose them precisely, only realizing after all was done and painted that the dress had inspired it all.

Ralph Lauren Beach Yellow and Behr Wet Coral

The living room an incredible shade that balances on the precipice of warm gold and chartreuse, the kitchen teetering between coral and salmon.

Then, in my current apartment, after a lengthy back and forth with my roommates, we finally agreed on a color for the communal space.

Behr Mesa Sunrise

Look familiar?

It's close, but ever-so-slightly muted. It feels a little more warm, a little less brilliant. Comforting.

And then I painted my bedroom. I swear it's a different color...

Behr Fervent Brass

Also less bright then its predecessor, a little mustardy. It has a classy, European study kind of feel.

And of course, we just ordered Real Milk Paint in Yellow Ochre for our bedroom in Northampton. And I'll admit, I've got my eye on their Butternut Squash, but we did choose Moss Green for the living room. Branching out, I am!

With love,

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