Monday, January 14, 2013

Looking Forward: 2013

Making a New Year's resolution is not something I'm very good at. I've only made them a few times, as far as I can recall. And this year just doesn't feel like a resolution year. I am already in the midst of vast and incredible change in my life. I am moving to a new place to be with the love of my life, so that we can start building our future together. I don't know yet what the challenges there may be, because from where I'm standing, everything is rose-colored. The most I could hope for is simply to continue as I am, pouring myself into my passions, chasing after my dreams, and loving fervently. I couldn't imagine being in a better place. It's an especially welcome change after a rather difficult 2012.

Things have really slowed down around From Scratch since the start of the holidays, and things won't truly pick back up again until February. That feels a little sad, because I had worked up so much momentum. But I can't do everything at once, it turns out! In the end, however, I know that From Scratch will be a huge part of my 2013. I've got so many ideas for this year I think my head just might explode, so don't go away! I'm hard at work...

Wishing a wonderful 2013 to everyone!


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  2. Everywhere I look, so many people are happy to be done with 2012 and excited to get on with 2013. Maybe those Mayans were right---there is some kind of shift. Perhaps things are changing for the better.

    All the best with 2013! :)

    1. That's what I like to think. Thanks for visiting, Liesl! I hope you have a wonderful, wonderful 2013!