Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Bless this House: Family Wall

Welcome to my new series, Bless this House!

I have lived in Brooklyn for over six years now, and I've recently put a date on my flight from urban life. This winter I will be moving to beautiful Northampton, Massachusetts!

As excited as I am about the move, Brooklyn has been my home for my whole adult life, and I've got a lot of love and fond memories here. To commemorate my life here before I move on, I'll be giving you a tour of my apartment, with all my design ideas and DIY projects of yore. After the move, Bless this House will become a record of my new home, design ideas and DIY projects there.

We begin with my favorite aspect, an original fixture from the very day we moved in. The family wall.

Though not unusual to find in family homes nationwide, a family wall is virtually unheard of amongst the share apartments of twenty-somethings in urban epicenters. Our family wall is the centerpiece of the communal space, and a comforting record of those who have lived here and their families.

All pen and marker portraits by Vianney Paul, here's a close up of one:

Click on the portrait to visit Vianney's portrait blog and see more of his beautiful work!

Pet Portraits by me, see the process here:

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  1. I was just telling Danielle on Sunday about the Star Trek Halloween costume I made for Eli years ago and that year you wore a bunny costume (our was it a kitty?). Now (I had forgotten) there it is on your apt. wall. :-)