Thursday, November 15, 2012

Blanket = Sweater

So I have this funny little blanket. It's a nice, red wool tartan, but it's so strangely tiny it's hardly useful as a blanket. And then I was thinking...

ASOS Blanket Cardigan

Quiksilver Snow Blanket Cardigan

Kensie Nomad Blanket Sweater

Old Navy Printed Blanket Sweater

... just add sleeves!

I'll admit, it wasn't a roaring success. I didn't get the sleeve placement quite right, so it fits a little funny. But you've got to crack a few eggs, right?

But just think, had it turned out correctly, what a great little project! So quick, so easy! I had such a lovely little tutorial for you, dag-nabbit! Maybe I'll try it again sometime.

With love,

Update: See my second try here... Success + Tutorial!

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