Friday, November 30, 2012

Bless this House: Visible Storage

I've been seeing it all over the pages of Country Living and House Beautiful and the like: visible storage. It's cool to take the doors off you cupboards, replace cabinets with shelves and hang your possessions on the walls like art.

Of course, as a New Yorker with a habit of accumulating, visible storage is just about the only option. The added benefit is that your things become more organized! Spread things out, you don't have to be confined to cabinet space anymore. Put them in pretty jars with hand-punched labels. Hang your pans on the wall, and you'll never again have to take them all out just to get to the big one on the bottom.

But the real reason I do it is because I like my home to be busy and colorful, full of texture and pattern.  Why hide away all your things in closets and then wonder where to find art for the walls? The things you already own and use might be just the thing to bring some life to your home!

Happy Friday!

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